Offering customized payment plans to people that owe you money is easy with

Start by creating a new payment plan. Select the payment plans section in your merchant portal. Then select the '+ new payment plan' button in the upper right corner.

Select a saved customer or enter new customer details. Enter an amount and an optional description. You can either create a payment plan with new terms or apply the terms from a saved offer.

Once the terms of the payment plan are created, the payment plan details for the just-created payment plan will be displayed. To send the payment plan to the customer, either click the 'Send to Customer' button in the customer information section on the right side of the screen, or copy and paste the custom payment plan URL directly below. Please note, the payment plan status will be listed as 'pending' until the customer initiates the payment plan by submitting the down payment.

When the customer clicks the link, they will be taken to the customer checkout, a fully secure, custom checkout page with the payment plan amount and details listed. They will be asked to enter their payment method details, agree to the terms and conditions and type their name in a digital signature box to complete checkout and initiate the payment plan. If automatically schedule future payments is set, all future payments will be timed and automated according to the custom terms of the payment plan. If manually process future payments is set, the balance can be manually billed however you'd like. Once the payment plan is initiated, the payment plan status will be listed as 'open.'