To connect WooCommerce and Partial.y, you'll need to obtain a few pieces of information from WooCommerce and enter it into your WooCommerce integration settings in The 5 pieces of information are:

  1. Api URL

  2. Api Port

  3. Api Version

  4. Consumer Key

  5. Consumer Secret


This is the URL of your WooCommerce store, including http or https.


Api Port

This can be left empty in most cases, unless your WooCommerce installation is using a non-standard port. If you access your website with a port in the url, enter the port here.

Example: - 8080 would be entered as the Api Port.

Api Version

The integration requires WooCommerce version 2.2 or higher. This field will have v3 entered as the default. If you are using WooCommerce version 2.3 or 2.3, enter v2 in the Api Version field.

Consumer Key and Consumer Secret

In order to get the consumer key from WooCommerce, you'll need to enable the REST Api in WooCommerce. To to WooCommerce > Settings and select the Advanced tab, then click the Rest API menu.

Once you have enabled the REST API in WooCommerce, you'll need to generate the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. Select the Add Key button. Give the key a description, you can call it whatever you'd like, but works well as a description. Select the user associated with the key.

Important: Make sure to select Read/Write for permissions. will not be able to create orders for your WooCommerce store if Read/Write is not selected.

Click the Generate API Key button. Now, enter the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret in your WooCommerce integration settings in