The payment schedule section of each offer contains the payment frequency variable and the term variable for automatically scheduled future payments. For manually processed future payments, a simple text box for a payment schedule description.

Automatically Schedule Future Payments
To have automatically schedule all future payments according to your specifications, select the Automatically schedule future payments option and set the payment frequency and term.

Payment Frequency

Payment frequency can be in units of days, weeks or months.


Specific days of the month may also be set by selecting the days of month option. Simply type in the date of the month (1-31) to ensure all payments will be made on that date. To set multiple payment dates, separate dates by a comma. For example, enter 1,15 to process payments on the 1st and 15th of every month. Customer flexibility is not available when the days of month payment frequency option is selected.



Term can be in units of days, weeks or months. You may also set a specific number of payments or a final payment date.


To set a specific number of payments, select the payments option and type in the number of payments you want. The selected value will represents the number of automated payments that will be charged after the down payment is submitted.


To set a final payment date, select the final payment date option and select the date from the calendar popup. The final payment of the payment plan will occur on the selected date. (perfect for event sales) Customer flexibility is not available when the final payment date term option is selected.

Manually Processed Future Payments

To manually process future payments, select the manually process future payments option. When this option is selected, merchants will be able to manually process as many payments for the customer until the balance of the payment plan is fully paid. Merchants are required to write a payment schedule description when this option is selected. The description will be displayed to the customer at checkout and also be included in the customer agreement.