After you've connected your Shopify account to your account, you will see a Create Payment Plan option in the more actions dropdown while viewing draft orders in your Shopify admin.


After clicking the create payment plan button, if the draft order has no customer associated with it you will be redirected to the create payment plan page where you will need to select or create a customer. If the draft order already has a customer, the payment plan will be created with that customer information.
If you already had Shopify and connected and get an error when trying to create a plan from a draft order, we might not have permission to create draft orders on your behalf. Try to disconnect Shopify from your merchant portal, then reconnect again.

After assigning the customer, you will be auto-directed back to your account to create the payment schedule. Once created, the plan will appear in your account with a pending status. Click the 'Send Plan Request' button to email it to the customer.


The customer will receive the following email. You can edit and customize this email under Settings > Emails > Payment Plan request.


Potential issues to be aware of:

When opening a plan from Shopify drafts, will be unable to send info to Shopify beyond what is provided in the draft. For example, if you add a line item to the plan, it will not be added to the draft. This will create a discrepancy between the plan total and the Shopify order total. It is recommended you add any discounts or fees to the draft prior to creating a payment plan.

You will also need to be mindful of how settings such as taxes and shipping affect your draft orders.

If you wish to charge the customer a fee, be sure to add it to the draft order prior to creating the plan. Any line items added after you click 'create payment plan' will not be added to the Shopify order.

If you wish to charge the customer shipping, be sure to add it to the draft order prior to creating the plan. If you have shipping rates for the customer's location set up within, you risk the customer being double charged. Unless you disable shipping settings, it is best to have customers checkout directly from your website instead of by draft.

Shopify will calculate and add taxes to your draft order based on your Shopify tax settings. If you also have tax settings configured in Partially, the taxes will be recalculated according to your Partially settings, causing a potential mismatch between the payment plan and draft order tax amounts. Unless you disable tax settings, it is best to have customers checkout directly from your website instead of by draft.

Percentage based discounts combined with fees
If you set a percentage-based discount on the Shopify draft order, then add a fee to the Partially payment plan, when the payment plan is opened and the Shopify order is created a custom product will be added to the Shopify order to represent the fee line item. This will cause Shopify to recalculate the discount, which would then include the fee line. Because of this, we recommend that you use fixed amount discounts on your draft orders if you will be adding a fee to your payment plans.

Shopify Discounts
If you send the customer a plan via Shopify Drafts and they use one of your Shopify discount codes, we are unable to send this info to Shopify.

Our system is unable to edit drafts. Any changes that happen after the plan is sent cannot be sent back to Shopify. This will result in the plan balance being lower then the Shopify order and you will need to manually mark the order as paid within the Shopify admin.