integrates with Shopify to seamlessly offer a payment plan checkout option to your customers. The terms of an offer are applied to your checkout button and customers will be able to purchase products with your desired payment plan terms (you may apply custom rules and have a variety of offer terms loaded to your Shopify website). automatically creates orders in Shopify through the api when payment plans are initiated. Once an order is created with a payment plan, the order will be listed as partially paid in your Shopify admin. As payment plan payments are made,the Shopify order balance will update accordingly until the order is fully paid.

Adding to your Shopify shop involves copying and pasting a snippet of code to embed the Pay with button on your site. Use the Integration Tool on the offer on your merchant admin for the offer you want to add to your checkout.

Select "On My Shopify Cart" from the first dropdown menu. Make sure your cart URL text entry is set to the URL for your Shopify cart page. If you want a minimum value for payment plans to be available, select the check box and enter a value. The HTML code in the box will be the code to copy and paste onto your Shopify site. Also, make sure the offer that you are adding has the 'Require customer to enter a ship to address' checkbox selected on the edit offer page. A shipping address is required to properly create orders in the Shopify admin.

To edit your shopping cart template, go to your shopify admin, online store > themes > edit html/css. Click on the cart.liquid template, locate where in the template you want the Pay with button to appear, then copy paste the code from the integration tool.