is moving from Stripe Standard Connect to Stripe Express Connect.

Stripe Standard Connect vs Stripe Express Connect

Prior to Jan 5th, 2021, merchants were required to use Stripe Standard Connect. This was an independent Stripe account that the merchant had to create at prior to signing up with

With Stripe Express Connect, merchants create their Stripe account within the portal. This stripe account will be used solely for payments. Instead of needing to sign into, you will be able to manage and view all payment and payout activity within your account.

I already use Stripe Standard Connect with Do I need to switch?

No, merchants who started using prior to Jan 5th, 2021 can continue to use Stripe Standard Connect. However, if for some reason you disconnect your Standard account from, you will then be required to create an Express account.

I'm new and use a standard account for other checkout options on my site, can I keep using it?

Yes, you can continue to use your standard Stripe account for other checkout option. Your Stripe Express account will only be used with orders.

What countries can use Stripe Express?

Stripe express is currently available to the following countries:

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