What is Stripe?

Stripe is a merchant account provider with a payment platform for processing secure digital transactions.

Why do I need Stripe?

You can set up your Partial.ly account without Stripe connected. But, you will need to connect a Stripe account to your Partial.ly account before you can open payment plans, accept any payments, or receive funding to your bank account.

I already have a Stripe account, why do I need to create a new one?

We use Stripe express connect, which requires a special Stripe account that only works with Partially. If you use an existing Stripe account, you can continue to use it for non-partial.ly orders, while using Stripe express for Partially orders.

Prior to January 5th 2021, we used standard connect. Accounts created before this date will still be allowed to use their standard connect Stripe accounts.

Does Stripe Express work in my country?

Stripe express is currently available in the following countries:

What currencies can I process transactions in?

Please see Supported Currencies on the Stripe website for more information about the currencies you can process transactions in on the Stripe platform.

One of my customers has opened a Partial.ly payment plan, how long will it take to receive funding to my bank account?

Your first transaction will take 7 business days to be deposited into your bank account. After that, you can request a lower payout period, which will depend on the country that your business is located in, as well as your business' risk profile. Low risk US businesses can have as little as a 2 business day payout period, however we may hold funds for longer for higher risk businesses. For more information on bank transfers from Stripe, please see Receiving Payouts.