The abandoned cart emails can be found on the side menu under Abandoned Cart > Settings.

This rescue email is for customers who abandon checkout. It can be activated by selecting 'Enable email messages?'.


To enable automatically sending rescue messages for customers, you must select the 'Enable email messages?' check box and update settings.

In order to send a rescue email, the customer must have entered a valid email address. This means that a checkout that gets abandoned by a new customer before they enter their email address won't be able to be rescued.

After enabling automatic sending of rescue messages, you can also configure the amount of time after which the checkout should be considered abandoned and a rescue message is sent. This time is measured from the plan creation time. For example, if a value of 45 minutes is entered a rescue message will be sent to the customer 45 minutes after the plan has been created if it was not yet opened by the customer.

Next, you can configure the contents of the message sent to the customer. You can include dynamic information in the message, such as the customer's name, by using Liquid syntax.

Finally, you can configure a different offer to apply to the payment plan when the customer clicks the link in the rescue message. Selecting an offer with more preferable terms, such as lower down payment or longer term, can convince the customer to complete their purchase. When the customer clicks the link in the rescue message, the new offer will automatically be applied to the payment plan.