The integration with FreshBooks makes it simple and easy to offer a custom payment plan payment option in your FreshBooks invoices.

When a customer opens a payment plan, a few things happen with our integration:

  1. The FreshBooks invoice balance is updated with the down payment paid.

  2. An additional line item is added to the FreshBooks invoice that lists any additional customer fees.

  3. An expense is automatically created in FreshBooks for the merchant fee.

These three actions occur when a customer submits a down payment and opens a payment plan. Items 2 and 3 in this list can be toggled on and off within the Settings section of the Merchant Portal. They will be selected by default when you connect your FreshBooks account.

With each automated payment plan payment, the invoice balance will update and a new expense for ' merchant fee' will be created. No manual invoice updates or journal entries are required to use