How are payments processed?

Merchants are required to use Stripe to process their payments. Merchants who sign up for after Jan 5th, 2021 must use a Stripe Express account, which is created during registration. Merchants who have been using prior to Jan 5th, 2021 may still use their Stripe Standard account as long as they do not disconnect it.

How do I receive my payments with Stripe Express?

Customer payments are immediately added to your Stripe balance, which you can view in your account under Settings > Integrations > View Stripe Account .

Payments are then paid out to your bank within 7 business days of processing. However, the first payout can take up to 14 days due to Stripe's review process. You can read more about this here:

Keep in mind payouts can overlap, resulting in daily payouts*. You can see your next projected payout date at

Once you process your first payment and complete 30 days with no disputes, you can email to request a lower payout period. Not all businesses will be allowed a lower payout, as it depends on the country that your business is located in, as well as your business' risk profile. Low risk US businesses can have as little as a 2 business day payout period, however, we may hold funds for longer for higher risk businesses.

*Japan-based merchants must have payouts once a week on Mondays. If you need to change it to a different day, please email once you complete registration.

How do I receive my payments with a Standard Stripe account?

If you use a Standard Stripe account with, your payments will also appear immediately in your Stripe balance, which can be viewed at Payouts to your bank are controlled from your Stripe account at

Where can I view my payment history?

All merchants can review their payments in their account in the Payments section.

Can I download a spreadsheet of my payments?

Yes. When in the Payments section of your account, there is an Export to CSV button on the bottom right of the page

Can I filter my payments?

Yes. There is a filter button on the top left of the page.

You can filter payments by status, date, date range, etc.

Can I only see payments for a specific plan?

Yes. Go to the plan you wish to view and all the payments for that plan will be under the Payments tab.

Why is a payment pending?

The customer is using a US bank account as their payment method. ACH payments take up to 5 business days to receive acknowledgment of their success or failure from the customer's bank. Because of this, ACH payments take up to 7 business days to reflect in You can read more about ACH payments here:

Why does the payment say 'requires_action'?

The customer's bank requires their authentication. We have sent an email notification asking the customer to authenticate the payment via URL. If you wish to send the customer a reminder email as well, you can find the authentication URL under the details of the payments.

The payment will pend until authentication is granted. If it is not granted within a certain amount of time, the bank will decline the payment. If this happens, our system will attempt the payment again, up to 3 times, after which the plan will default.

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