Taxes can be added to your payment plans and controlled by country and or region. You can also add taxes that will be applied to all payment plans, regardless of customer location.

To set up your tax settings, select the taxes settings and complete the following steps:


  1. Select the 'Charge taxes on payment plans' option and select Update settings

  2. Add a tax rule by selecting add tax rule

  3. Create new tax rule by entering a Tax name (customers will see this in the payment plan summary), entering a tax rate, selecting the location based tax rule option and associated countries/regions. To set up a Tax rule that will apply to all customers, regardless of location, leave the Location based tax rule option unselected. To set up a tax rule for a specific country and/or region, check the Location based tax rule option and select your Country and associated State or Region from the drop-down menus. You may also optionally include any shipping rate you charge in the tax calculation by checking the "Tax shipping rates" checkbox

You may add additional tax rules by following steps 2 and 3.