Location-based shipping fees can be added to your payment plans by setting up a shipping policy, shipping zones and shipping rates.

Before you set up shipping zones and rates, make sure you have required shipping addresses under Settings > Checkout.

Shipping Policy

The shipping policy is a basic description of how and when orders paid for with a Partial.ly payment plan will ship. Type a basic description of when orders will ship within the term of a payment plan. Two common examples:

Example 1: Your order will ship within 24 hours of submitting your down payment and opening your payment plan.

Example 2: Your order will ship when all payments are submitted and your payment plan is fully paid.

Note: A shipping policy is required for all Partial.ly merchants using Partial.ly to sell goods that will be shipped.

Shipping Zones

Shipping zones are geographical regions that can have any number of shipping rates assigned to them. Merchants are required to set their shipping zones in order for customers to be able to checkout. Customers will not be able to checkout if a shipping zone with their address is not set.

To set up your shipping zones, follow the following steps:

  1. Add shipping zone by selecting the Add shipping zone button on the shipping settings page.

  2. Name your shipping zone. Give it a name indicative of the area in which the shipping zone is servicing. Customers don't see the name of the shipping zone. The name of your shipping zone is for internal organization.

  3. Add countries by selecting the countries you want to be included in the shipping zone.

  4. Create shipping zone by selecting the Add shipping zone button.

Shipping Rates

Within each shipping zone, any number of shipping rates can be added as available shipping options for customers. Common examples include standard shipping and overnight shipping. Shipping rates are the shipping price options that will display for customers once they enter their shipping address. To create a shipping rate, first create a shipping zone, then follow the following steps:

  1. Select the edit option for the shipping zone you want to add a shipping rate for.

  2. Select the Add shipping rate button below the listed countries/regions of the shipping zone.

  3. Name shipping rate. Customer will see this on the customer checkout.

  4. Select weight based or price based and enter the range of allowable values. Using these ranges will allow you to offer multiple shipping rates to the same zone depending on the weight or price of the products purchased.

  5. Enter the Rate price and select the Add rate button.