Checkout Intro Text uses the following default text for the customer welcome message.

" makes it easier to buy the things you love, or pay your bills, by allowing you to pay with a flexible payment plan. It's quick and easy to sign up."

To customize the welcome message text, just remove the default text in the Checkout Intro Text section and add whatever text you'd like. A few styling tools are provided in the text widget. When you are done customizing your text, make sure to select the 'Update Settings' button to save your settings.

Accent Color

You can set the accent color for your customer checkout by using the color selector or entering a hex code.

Global Checkout Settings


Require customer shipping addresses: select this checkbox if you are using to sell orders that will be shipped to customers.

Require customer phone numbers: select this checkbox to require customer phone numbers to open payment plans.

Important: if you have phone numbers required in your Shopify shop's checkout settings, you must check the check box to require phone numbers in, or else Shopify will not accept any orders from Check your Shopify checkout settings

Google Analytics Property ID

Enter your Google Analytics property id in this field to track the customer checkout with Google Analytics.

Setting up a unique Google Analytics property id specifically for is recommended.


Google Analytics cross domain tracking domain

Enter your domain here (without http:// or https://) to enable cross domain tracking. See here for instructions.

Custom tracking script

Enter any custom tracking scripts you want to run during checkout, such as google or facebook ad conversion tracking. Please do not enter google analytics tracking code, as it will conflict with's analytics. Please use the Google Analytics Property ID field above.

Custom confirmation script

Enter any custom tracking you want to run on the payment plan confirmation page, such as conversion tracking scripts. The script will be processed with the Liquid templating language, so that payment plan information can be added to the script.