You may need to make changes to an open plan for various reasons.

Some Reasons to Add to a Plan

  • Add a Fee
  • Add Shipping Cost
  • Add Additional Item

Some Reasons to Deduct from a Plan

  • Discount
  • Remove Item from Order

Before You Start:

It is recommended you open the customer's PDF contract and set it aside to reference later. The contract can be found under the Schedule tab of the plan.

Step 1: Cancel Plan

In order to make changes to an open plan, you will first need to cancel the plan by clicking the red Cancel Plan link. (If you are a Shopify Merchant, do not cancel the Shopify order)

Step 2: Reopen Plan

Click the Reopen button that now appears at the top of the plan.

Step 3: Add Line Item

You will be lead to the Create Payment Schedule page. Click the Add Line Item button on the right side of the page.

Step 4: Description and Amount

Fill out the description and amount needed. If you are adding a discount, you will need to make the entry a negative amount (ex. -100).

Step 5: Summary

Once added, the new line item will appear in the summary of the plan.

Example of an Added Fee
Example of a Discount

Step 6: Set Up Schedule

Now that the line item has been added, you will need to set up the customer's payment schedule (frequency, term). You can reference their contract PDF to see their prior schedule.

If needed, the first payment date can manually be adjusted to the next date on the contract by selecting Manual Specify Date at the bottom of the page.

Step 7: Create Payment Schedule

Click the Create Payment Schedule button.

Step 8: Review

The following page will generate the new contract for you to sign on the customer’s behalf. Select the payment method and click the Open Payment Plan button.

Step 9: The Plan is Now Open and Reflects Your Changes

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