Payment Plans can only be canceled and refunded by the merchant from their Merchant Account at

How do I cancel the plan?

Once logged in at, go to the plan you wish to cancel and/or refund. Click the red ‘cancel plan’ link near the top of the plan.

What if the plan is not open?

A defaulted plan will need to be reopened before it can be canceled. You are welcome to leave the plan in defaulted status if you wish.

Plans with a 'paid' status cannot be canceled, as they are now closed and no longer collect payments.

Does canceling the plan automatically refund it?

No. Canceling an open plan will not refund the plan. They are separate functions.

How do I refund the plan?

To refund the plan, go the payment section of the plan and click the ‘refund’ link next to each payment you wish to refund.

I need to refund a smaller amount

Once you click the refund link, you will have the option to edit the refund to a smaller amount before submitting it.

Have more questions?

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