This article is for merchants who wish to use as a standalone software to email plans directly or generate URLs to paste into an email, social media page or website.

If you wish to add the checkout button on a website, with or without an integration, please see our integration FAQs.

Getting Started

There are 2 ways to send your customers payment plans:

(1) with the integration tool of your offer, or,

(2) from the Payment Plans section of your account.

#1: The Integration Tool of Your Offer [Easiest]

The easiest way to send plans is to use the integration tool of your offer. The offer contains the terms of your payment plans. You can read more about creating offers here: Offers.

First, click the integration tool next to the offer.

When inside the integration tool, select 'with a link to share' and fill out the description of the plan and the amout due.

Then click 'Generate' to generate a URL link to paste into an email, a website or social media page.

Use the integration tool to generate a URL to paste in an email, website, or social media page

#2: Payment Plans Section

You are welcome to create payment plans without an offer from the Payment Plans section of your account. However, this may require you to create an account for the customer under the Customers section of your account if the customer is not already in our system.

Create a customer's account in the Customers section by clicking the 'New Customer' button

(Note: If you are unable to create an account for the customer and they don't appear in your Customer section, that means they already have a account. You will need to send the customer a plan from the integration tool of an offer. Once the customer opens their first plan with you, their account will automatically be added to your portal and you will be able to send them plans from the Payment Plans section going forward if you wish.)

Once your customer has an account, go to the Payment Plans section and click the 'New Payment Plan' button.

After you click the 'New Payment Plan' button, you need to search and select the customer. We recommend searching for the customer by their last name. You need to type at least 2 characters to activate the search.

Once the customer is selected, provide the amount due on the plan, then click 'Continue'.

Select the customer from the drop down menu, set the amount, and click the 'continue' button

You will be lead to the Create Payment Schedule page where you can set the down payment, schedule (frequency and term) and first payment date. (Warning: The first payment date is the payment made after the downpayment. If you manually specify the first payment date and the customer does not open the plan before that date, the plan will automatically be canceled).

Create Payment Schedule Page

Once you set up the plan's schedule, click the 'Create Payment Schedule' button at the bottom of the page. On the following page, click the 'send plan request to customer' button. This will email the plan to the customer.

Click 'Send Plan Request to Customer' button

Once the customer opens the plan, you will receive an email notification and the status of the plan will change to 'Open'.

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