You may manually submit a payment at any time before the scheduled payment date.

Login to your customer portal and select the make a payment button.

There will be two options for submitting your payment:

  1. Pay my next installment of $159.21 now, leaving my remaining payments unchanged
  2. Pay another amount now, decreasing the amount of future payments and keeping the same dates


Option 1 will submit the payment for the next scheduled payment date, and leave the remaining payments unchanged. When this option is selected, no payment will process on the originally scheduled date.

Option 2 will submit a random payment and will require you to sign a new customer agreement, as it will change the payment amounts on the originally scheduled dates.

After selecting the radio button, just select the payment method you'd like to use. The current payment method for the payment plan will be selected by default. You will also have the option use a new payment method.