Where can I update my payment method?

You can add multiple payment methods to your Partial.ly customer account at partial.ly/login.

To add a new payment method, go to the Payment Methods section on the side menu and select the 'add a new payment method' button.

Enter your card details.

Can I use a bank account?

US customers with a payment plan with a US merchant can add a US bank account by selecting the tab and locating your bank on the list. Once you select your bank, you will be redirected to log into your online bank account.

My bank is not on the list.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to use your US bank account if it is not on the list. Please use a debit or credit card.

How do I select the default form of payment?

Once you have added your new payment method, select the 'use for all payment plans' link. This option will only be available if your plan is open.

Once selected , the new payment method will be used for all future installment payments.

I want to use different cards on different plans?

If you have multiple open payment plans, you may use different payment methods for each plan. When on the dashboard of your account, select the details link next to the open plan.

You can update the payment method from the dropdown menu.


You will immediately see an update notification at the top once you choose your card.


If my default card fails, can you use another card on my account?

Yes, When in the Payment Methods section of your account, you will see the option to use the other cards on file as a back up method in case your default card fails.