You can connect your BigCommerce account three different ways:

Option 1 - From the BigCommerce app store
Option 2 - From your BigCommerce admin
Option 3 - From your account

All merchants are required to create a account at some point.

Option 1: BigCommerce App Store

You can download the app here:


You'll then need to log in with your BigCommerce credentials and authorize

Option 2: BigCommerce Admin

When logged in you BigCommerce admin account, you can access the Apps Marketplace in the main menu.


Search for the app and you will see the option to install the app.


Option 3

Sign up for a account at

Once registered, you can connect your Bigcommerce store under Settings > Integrations > Bigcommerce.


You'll be taken to a BigCommerce authorization page to authorize

After Your Connected

After you've connected your BigCommerce account, you'll want to review the settings for the integration with your BigCommerce account. See our BigCommerce FAQs for more details.

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