You can offer payments plans to your customers by adding the checkout button to your cart page.

Getting Started

You can register at, where you will be required to:

  1. Create a Stripe Express account (payment processor).
  2. Create an offer (payment plan terms).
  3. Connect your BigCommerce wesbite.

Adding to your Bigcommerce Website

Adding to your BigCommerce website involves copying and pasting a snippet of code into your BigCommerce theme.

1. Create your offer

The checkout button is linked to your offer. See our support articles on offers for more details on how to create your offer.

2. Go to the integration tool of your offer

Navigate to the Offers section and click the integration tool link next to your offer.


This will take you to the integration page. Select " button on my BigCommerce cart" from the dropdown menu at the top and configure the button as you wish.

The integration tool will generate a piece of code to copy and paste into your site's theme:


3. Add your offer to your BigCommerce theme.

To add the code to your BigCommerce theme, go to your BigCommerce admin and go to Storefront > Themes.

Your current theme will appear at the top. Click the Advanced dropdown menu and click 'edit files'. If you've never edited your theme before, you be asked to "make a copy" to edit.




Once in the theme editor, navigate to your cart template by clicking templates > pages > cart.html.

  • Click on the cart.html template.
  • Locate where in the template you want the button to appear (typical above other additonal checkout buttons).
  • Copy and paste the offer code from the integration tool.
  • Save.


The exact location of your cart template may vary depending on your theme. Reach out to your theme's develoepr for more info on where your cart is controled.

The checkout button will now appear on your website's cart page.


I want to make more customizations

For more details on configuring the checkout button, see our checkout button support article.

How does handle my BC orders?

When the customer selects as their payment option, a BC order will automatically be created. The BC order status of an opened or paid plan is controled by you within your BigCommerce Settings.

BigCommerce Settings within

There are a couple settings which can control how integrates with BigCommerce.

You can access and adjust these setting from your account at under Settings > Integrations > BigCommerce Settings.

Order Statuses: Select what status you would like the BC order to have when a plan is opened or paid.

Notifications: Get a notification in the event an order fails to submit to BigCommerce.

Coupon codes: Allow customers to use BC coupon codes with their plans.

Abandoned Orders:You can drive up sales by configuring to automatically send a payment plan offer to customers who do not complete BigCommerce checkout.


Payment plans created from abandoned cart rescue messages will be subject to an additional 0.5% fee. See the bigcommerce abandoned cart settings page for more info.

Merchant Settings

We highly recommend you review all other merchant settings within your merchant account at

For example, if the products you are selling require shipping, be sure require shipping addressses under Settings > Checkout and configure shipping zones and shipping rates under Settings > Shipping.
BigCommerce order creation may fail if your shop is set to require shipping addresses but you do not have set to collect addresses.

You can read more about merchant settings here:
Merchant Settings FAQs and can see all support articles here: Merchant Settings

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