A payment failed. What do I do?

When a payment fails, it will automatically reschedule for 2 days later. If the payment fails 3 times in a row, the plan will go into default. The customer is emailed for each event.

If the plan defaults, a reopen button will appear on the plan and you can reopen the plan when the customer is ready. Please see our article on How to Reopen a Defaulted Plan for more info.

Why did the payment fail?

Payments fail for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is the customer's bank blocked the payment, requiring the customer to contact their bank.

To view the reason for a failed payment, click the details link next to the payment.

What does the Error from Stripe message mean?

For more details as to what the decline message means, please view the following Stripe article: Stripe Payment Decline Codes.

If the message simply says the card was declined, the customer will need to contact their bank.

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