My customer's plan defaulted. Can I reopen it?

Yes. When a plan defaults, a reopen button will appear at the top of the plan. For step by step instructions, please view our support article on How to Reopen a Defaulted Plan.

Can my customer reopen their own plan?

No, customers cannot reopen their defaulted plans and will need to directly contact Support or their merchant to set up a payment schedule.

However, customers will have access to paying their remaining balance on a defaulted plan. If you do not want customers to have this option, you can disable it under Settings > General.

My customer needs to use a new payment method.

No problem. Your customer can add their new payment method in the customer portal. They can view our article on adding and updating payment methods  for more information.

My customer needs a new payment schedule.

No problem. During the reopening process, you will be able to set up a new payment schedule for your customer.

My customers want to know more.

Customers can read more about defaulted plans at

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