Click the Reopen button

A reopen button will appear at the top of the defaulted plan.

Create Payment Schedule Page

Once you click the reopen button, you will  be lead to the Create Payment Schedule page.

Optional: Adding or Deducting from the Total

If you wish to charge your customer an additional amount (ex. fee) or provide a deduction (ex. discount), you can do so by clicking the 'add line item' button on the right side of the page. If you wish to deduct from the total, be sure to make the amount negative (ex. -10).

Down Payment and Processing Missed Payments

If you wish to immediately charge the customer any amount, you must set it as the downpayment. The downpayment will process immediately when the plan is reopened.

Setting up the payment schedule: Frequency

You will then need to set up the customer's payment schedule. Frequency is how often a payment is charged.

Setting up the payment schedule: Term

The term is how long the plan will last.

Setting up the payment schedule: First Payment Date

If needed, you can manually set the first payment date. This will be when the next payment is processed, after the downpayment.

Create Payment Schedule

Once completed, click the Create Payment Schedule button at the bottom of the page.


The following page is where you can review the plan details.  

Payment Method

Select the payment method the customer wishes to use. If the customer gave you a new payment method, click the New Payment Method button to add it. If the customer would prefer to add it themselves, they can do so in  the customer portal. The customer can view our article on adding and updating payment methods  for more information.

Authorize and Sign

If everything appears correct. Check the authorization box and sign the contract on the customer's behalf.

Open the payment plan

Then click the Open Payment Plan button at the bottom of the page.

The plan is now open

You will be lead back to the plan's main page, where the status will now say Open.

Can I send the plan to the customer to reopen and sign themselves?

Yes, when on the final page of the reopening process, you can select the 'Send Open Plan Request to Customer' button. The plan will be emailed to the customer for them to reopen themselves.

I am getting the following error.

This error means the customer's bank requires their authorization before allowing the plan to be reopened. You will need to select the 'Send Open Plan Request to Customer' button so the plan is emailed to the customer for them to reopen themselves.

I want to process the remaining balance.

To process the remaining balance on a plan. Use the following terms so the remaining balance is immediately processed when the plan is reopened:

  • Down payment: 100%
  • Schedule: Manual
  • A manual schedule will require a short description. Example below:

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