Thanks for your interest in This article will cover the basics.

What is is a payment plan software. Our program automatically schedules and processes payments and provides a variety of tools to streamline the payment plan process.

What is required to use

Upon registering, you will be required to create a Stripe account. We use Stripe express connect, which requires a special Stripe account that only works with Partially. If you use an existing Stripe account, you can continue to use it for orders, while using Stripe express for orders.

For more info, please see our support article on Stripe FAQs.

How much does it cost to use

Our fee is 5% + .30 cents per transaction. We also pay your Stripe fee. You can read more about our pricing here: About Pricing.

How do I register for

You can create your merchant account at

I have registered, now what?

Once registered, you will be required to complete 3 tasks:

  1. Create your Stripe Express Account.
  2. Create an Offer. The offer contains your payment plan terms. You can learn more about offers here: What is an Offer?
  3. Connect Other Software (optional). integrates with a variety of e-commerce and invoice softwares. For a list of our integration partners, please see our Integration Page. If you do not use an integration partner, you can skip this step.

I don't use one of your integration partners, can I still use

Yes. You are welcome to use as a standalone software to email and manage plans. You can read more on this here: as a Standalone Program.

You can also install onto your website without an integration. Take a look at the following support article: without an Integration.

I do use one of your integration partners. What do I do once I connect my website or software?

For more info on your specific integration, please go to the Merchant Support Page and type in your e-commerce platform or software into the search box.

If you need further assistance with setting up your integration, please contact our support team at

Have more questions?

Please email us at