Can customers reschedule their payments?

Yes, we have a reschedule program. Customers can postpone their upcoming payment for a fee. The default terms are up to 5 days for $2, but these terms can be changed under Settings > General.

The net profit from the reschedule fee is split between you (the merchant) and

There are 3 ways the customer can reschedule their next payment:

  1. By email: Customers will automatically receive an email reminder for their upcoming payment and the option to reschedule it.
  2. Within their customer account: Customers can log into and will see the reschedule link by their plan.
  3. By their merchant: Merchants can reschedule the payment on the customer's behalf. You can do this by going to the Schedule tab of a payment plan and clicking the edit link next to the installment in question.With this option, you can forgo the fee if you wish.

Can I view and edit the reschedule email received by the customer?

You can view a copy of the reschedule email under Settings > Emails > Installment re-schedule offer . This email cannot be customized at this time.

What installments are eligible for reschedule?

Customers can only reschedule the next due payment, but merchants can reschedule any and all payments.

I do not wish to use this feature.

If you prefer to disable this feature for all of your customers, this can be done under Settings > General within your merchant account.

The customer needs all payments rescheduled.

If the customer needs a completely new schedule, we recommend you cancel and reopen the plan with a new schedule. A guide can be found here:

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