We offer an email reschedule program. Customers will receive an email reminder for their upcoming payment and the option to postpone it up to 5 days for $2. You can view a copy of this email under Settings > Emails > Installment re-schedule offer . This email cannot be customized at this time.


  • All customers are eligible for the reschedule program.
  • Rescheduling a payment is only eligible for the next due payment.
  • The net profit from the $2 fee is split between you (the merchant) and Partial.ly. You are welcome to edit this amount under Settings > General.

If you prefer to disable this feature for all of your customers, this can be done under Settings > General within your merchant account.

If a specific customer does not wish to receive these emails, you or the customer can deselect the "enable installment reschedule offers" under marketing preferences within the customer's profile.

If the rescheduled payment fails, the payment will follow your retry settings under Settings > General. If the rescheduled payment overlaps the next payment, the plan will be placed into default status.

For more on defaulted plans, see https://support.partial.ly/plan-defaulted/.

Have more questions?

Please email us at support@partial.ly.