Do I need to use on a website or with an invoicing software?

No. You can use as a standalone payment plan software to manage plans with your customers. All that is required is you must connect to Stripe upon sign up. You can email plans to your customers, or generate URL links to paste on a website, social media page, or email.

How can I use as a standalone program?

The portal provides a variety of tools to send and manage your payment plans.

The easiest way to send plans is to use the integration tool of your offer. The offer contains the terms of your payment plans. If you wish to have different terms for different goods/services, you can create as many offers as you need. You can read more about creating offers here: Offers.

Once you create your offers, click the integration tool link next to the offer. When inside the integration tool, you will then be able to generate a URL link to paste into an email, a website or social media page.

Do I need to use an offer?

No, you are welcome to create payment plans without an offer from the Payment Plans section of your account. However, this will require you to create an account for the customer under the Customers section of your account. You can view more info on creating plans here: How to Create a Payment Plan

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