Payment plans can also be set to manually process future payments, so they aren't fixed to an automated payment schedule. Manual payment plans are ideal for pre-orders, event sales, product launches etc.

With manual payment plans, you can bill your customers however you see fit after the down payment is submitted and the payment plan is opened. Bill the entire remaining balance at once, or break it up into any number of payments you'd like. Customers can also manually submit payments in any increment via the customer portal. You can also bulk bill all customers with manual payment plans by selecting all open manual payment plans, entering a charge amount (or bill the remaining balance) and billing all your manual payment plan customers at once.

To set up a manual payment plan, select the "Manually process future payments" radio button at the top of the Payment Schedule section. You'll need to manually type in a description for how and when the remaining balance will be billed. This description will get added to the customer agreement that the customer signs when opening the payment plan and helps solidify the terms between you and your customer.