Our plugin for Open Dental allows you quickly and easily set up payment plans for your patients by embedding a Partially Payment Plan button in the accounts section of Open Dental.


  1. Download our plugin and copy to your Open Dental directory
  2. Download the RestSharp library and copy to your Open Dental directory
  3. In Open Dental, click the Setup menu item, then click Program Links
  4. Click the "Add" button at the bottom of the window
  5. In the create program link window, enter a description, such as Partially Open Dental Plugin
  6. Check the enabled checkbox
  7. enter a value in the Text on Button field, such as Partially Payment Plan
  8. enter PartiallyOpenDentPlugin.dll in the Plug-in dll name field
  9. select the AccountModule under the Add a button to these toolbars section on the left
  10. Click ok to save, and restart Open Dental


To configure the plugin, go to the Settings menu in Open Dental, then click program links. Scroll down to the Partially plugin and double click it.

You will need to enter your Partially API key in the api_key property. See here for more information on getting your API key.

If you would like to try out Partially in our test environment, change the base_url property to https://demo.partial.ly

For the production environment, make sure this is set to https://partial.ly


You can now start creating payment plans for your patients with Partially. From the accounts section, make sure you have a patient selected, then click the Partially Payment Plan button. Partially will make an API call behind the scenes to add the customer to our database, then open your browser window to the page to create a payment plan for the patient in the Partially merchant portal.

Patients must have an email in Open Dental in order to create a Partially payment plan.