Adding to your Shopify site involves copying and pasting a snippet of code into your Shopify theme. This code will embed the checkout button onto your site.

You can view a sample store here: Shopify Demo Store

How do I generate the checkout button code?

This is done in the integration tool of your offer.

For more on creating an offer, please see the following guides:


This will then take you to the integration page where you can configure various options for the checkout button, and automatically generate a piece of code to copy and paste into your Shopify theme.


Where can I place the Shopify buttons?

The Shopify button can go on your cart page and/or product pages. Just select the correct option from the dropdown menu in the integration tool.

Screen-Shot-2022-06-02-at-4.20.52-PM may not work on product pages with variables (ex. size, color, date select, etc.) If your products have variables, you can only use on the cart page. cannot be placed on the Shopify checkout page.

What is the widget?

The widget is a small bit of javascript code that you can be placed on your product pages to let customers know they can purchase with a payment plan. The widget allows customer to interactively see the payment plan options available to them. You can read more about the widget here: About the Widget.

Can I set a minimum purchase requirement?

Yes, you can require a minimum order amount by selecting 'Only display with minimum amount' and entering a value. The generated code will update with this new info. If you already installed the button code onto your theme, you will need to copy and paste the updated code.


Where do I put the code in my Shopify theme?

Log into your shopify admin and go to online store > themes > actions > edit code.

Use the search box to locate the liquid file that contains your cart info. There may be several files used for your cart. You will want to locate the file that contains the code for your additional checkout buttons. This can be the cart.liquid file, cart-template.liquid, main-cart-footer.liquid, etc. Depending on your theme, the file may be named something else.

You can use the find feature to search the document (ex. Ctrl-F).


Once you locate where in the template you want the button to appear, paste the code from the integration tool. Use the Preview feature of your Shopify theme to view the update.


I have a cart drawer or modal cart. Will appear on these type of carts? cannot be added to cart drawers/popup windows/modals/etc. Our button needs to go on a full cart page.

It is advised you convert your cart into a cart page under your Shopify Theme Settings.

This can be done in your Shopify account under Online Theme > Live Theme > Customize > Theme Settings > Cart Page > Cart Type.

I need checkout to appear in a different language. will appear in English by default. If you need checkout to appear in another language, simply add the following line of code to the code snippet. Use the abbreviation of the language you need. For example, fr is for French.

language: 'fr',

An example of where to place the line of code:


I only want to appear on one product page.

You can view a guide on adding to one product page here:
Adding to One Product Page in Shopify

I am comfortable with coding and would like to do some customizations.

For more details on configuring the checkout button, see our checkout button support article.

Can Support add the code for me?

We offer web developer assistance starting at $100 USD. For $100 USD, we will add 1 offer to your current Shopify theme. Please email us at if you would like to move forward with this option.

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