Are orders placed with subject to Shopify transaction fees in addition to the pricing?

No, you will not be charged anything by Shopify for orders placed with You will only be charged the application fee for transactions.

How do I add a payment plan checkout button to my Shopify website?

First, you need to create an offer in your merchant portal. Once you've created your offer, use the integration tool and select the Shopify option from the dropdown menu. Copy and paste the resulting code into the cart.liquid template of your Shopify theme. If you need any assistance at all, please contact us at - we're happy to help! We love helping Shopify merchants. We'll add the button to your website according to your specifications, just give access to your Shopify admin as a staff member.

How do I give a support agent access to my Shopify admin?

Just give staff member access to Please visit Staff admin accounts for specific instructions.

What happens when an order is paid for with

When a customer purchases from your website with, the order will automatically be added to your Shopify order admin with all associated product and customer information. The order will be listed as 'Partially paid' and will reflect the current balance of the payment plan. As automated (or manual) payment plan payments are made, the order balance will automatically update the associated Shopify order until the order is completely paid, at which point the payment status will automatically switch from 'Partially paid' to 'Paid'. There will be a 'Capture payment' button on the order details page of your Shopify admin, do not click this button. will automatically charge the payments according to the payment plan schedule.

How do I issue a refund for an order?

For orders created with a payment plan, payments need to be refunded within the merchant portal. Do not select the refund button from the Shopify order details page in your Shopify admin, refunds need to be issued through merchant portal. Please see Issuing Refunds for more information about issuing refunds.

Can I use my own button design for the payment plan checkout button on my website? Or, do I have to use the button design?

You may use whatever image you'd like as the payment plan checkout button on your website. Please see our Using custom checkout image support page for more information.