After you've connected your shopify account, be sure to check your Shopify Settings. They can help control how creates your Shopify orders.

To access Shopify Settings, log into and go to Settings > Integrations > Shopify Setting.


Order Tags

Order Tags enter a value here to automatically tag orders created by You can apply multiple tags by separating them with commas.

Inventory Behavior

Inventory Behavior controls how Shopify will handle the inventory for orders created by

  • Do not claim inventory the Shopify order will always be created, regardless of product inventory in stock, and inventory levels will not be deducted
  • Ignore the product's inventory policy and claim amounts no matter what the Shopify order will always be created, regardless of product inventory in stock, and inventory levels will be deducted
  • Obey the product's inventory policy the Shopify order will not be created if there is insufficient product inventory in stock for any products in the order, and inventory levels will be deducted after a successful order

Do your Shopify products already include tax?

All taxes are included in my prices check this box if taxes are included in your product prices. Shopify will automatically add taxes to orders created by

Shopify confirmation emails

Send Shopify order confirmation check this box to have Shopify send an order confirmation to the customer

failed integrations

Send me an email when payment plans fail to submit to Shopify check this box to have send you a notification in the event that an order fails to submit to Shopify


Enable Shopify discount codes in checkout check this box to display a discount code entry in the Partially checkout, which customers can use to enter discount codes configured in your Shopify account. Only fixed amount and percentage type discounts are currently supported.

Please note that while we can't support discount codes with all the restriction options that Shopify provides. If your discount code has any of the following restrictions, it won't work in the Partially checkout and the customer will get a message indicating the code is not supported.

  • Buy X get Y, max uses per order
  • Customer eligibility, specific groups of customers
  • Customer eligibility, specific customers
  • Applies to, specific collections
  • Usage limits, limit to one user per customer
  • Usage limits, limit number of times this discount can be used in total

Other Checkout Settings

You can also configure various options for checkout under Settings > Checkout.

If the products you are selling require shipping, be sure to check the Require customer shipping addresses checkbox, otherwise Shopify order creation may fail if your shop is set to require shipping addresses. To configure shipping zones and shipping rates, see our shipping settings article.

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