You can add as a payment option to your WooCommerce checkout page. The order creation is handled by your WooCommerce shop, and payments are processed within


1. Getting Started

Create your Merchant Account at You will be required to:

2. Download Woocommerce Plugin

You can download our WooCommerce plugin here:

Here is an article on getting the plugin configured: Woocommerce Plugin

3. Add your API Key to the Woocommerce Plugin

This will allow the plugin to communicate with You can locate your API Key within your account under Settings > General.


Place your API Key in the plugin under WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > > Manage > API Key.


4. Customizations

If you require additional customizations, you will want to subscribe to advanced scripting. You can read more about this here: Advanced Scripting

To use our advanced scripting feature, make sure you have installed our plugin version 2.2.0 or higher.

5. Woo Order Status can mark Woo orders with whatever status you would like. Navigate to the plugin under WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > > Manage. Once in the plugin, locate the ' gateway order status'. Select the status you would like from the dropdown menu.

'Pending payment' is the appropriate order status for the plan, as not all payments have been collected.

You can read more about woo order statuses here:


The Woocommerce order status can only be set when the order is created and cannot be updated via the API after the initial order creation. will send you email notifications for each plan event (ex. payment processed, plan paid in full, etc). When you are notified that a plan is paid in full, you can manually update the woo order to your required status.

Depending on what you want to do with the order status being updated, our webhooks system or our integration with Zapier might be able to help as well.

6. Beware of "Hold Stock" feature

If you have the "Hold Stock" feature activated within your WooCommerce Inventory Management, you may experience canceled Woo orders when they are opened by

When is selected at checkout, the connected Woo order is set to "pending" because not all payments have been collected. Due to this pending status, your "Hold Stock" setting will cancel the order.

We recommend disabling the "Hold Stock" feature by deleting the value (eg. it typically says 60 minutes) and saving the change so it appears blank.

You can locate/disable this feature within your woocommerce admin under WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Inventory.


7. Test Mode

We encourage merchants to use our plugin in test mode with a demo account if they need to test certain features. You can create a demo account at Be sure to select 'Enable test mode' within the plugin and use the API key generated by your demo account.


8. 3rd Party Apps and Softwares

We cannot guarantee our Woo plugin will work with 3rd party apps and softwares.

If needed, we have a Zapier integration, Webhooks system, and an API so you could very likely trigger the required actions within your platform or any other software services you are using. More on this can be read below:

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