The Woo plugin for WooCommerce allows you accept payment plans in your shop in a variety of customizable ways. To install it, go to your wordpress admin, then click plugins. Search for "" and install our plugin. You can also install it directly from Woo plugin listing.


After you have installed the plugin, you can find the settings by going to your wordpress admin, hovering over the WooCommerce link on the side menu, then clicking Settings. From the WooCommerce settings page, click the Payments tab, then clik the manage button next to the Payment Plans payment method.



  • Enable test mode check this to use our test server to test out the service before making live charges. Note that you will need to create a separate account at and get a different API key to use test mode
  • API Key If you are using the gateway on your checkout, you need to get your API Key from your merchant portal and copy them here
  • gateway enabled check this box to enable a payment plan option in your checkout
  • Title if the gateway is enabled, this is the title displayed to customers at checkout
  • Description an additional description shown to the customer at checkout when is selected
  • gateway order status when a customer checks out with the payment method, orders will be set to this status after the payment plan is opened
  • Offer ID this is the offer to use for all functionality: gateway, widget, and checkout button. Copy and paste the id from your merchant portal, or if you've connected your API select your offer from the dropdown list.
  • Send product images to check this button to send product images to

Widget and Checkout button options

The following options allow you to include, exclude, or customize the widget and checkout button on your WooCommerce shop.

  • widget enabled check this box to automatically include the widget on your product pages.
  • Widget style choose different styles for the widget
  • Widget title if using the "stacked" style, this will be the title text
  • Widget body custom text for the widget. Leave blank for the default, dynamic text recommended
  • Widget trigger text the text of the link generated to open the widget popup
  • Widget popup details custom text to display at the top of the widget popup

If you would like dynamically disable Partially or change the offer used based on the customer's cart, check out our advanced scripting feature. To use our advanced scripting feature, make sure you have installed our plugin version 2.2.0 or higher.