The Woocommerce plugin allows you to offer payment plans on your woocommerce checkout page.

Create your account

You can create your account at You will be required to create a Stripe Express account and create an offer.

Download Woo Plugin

Once you create your account, you can download our woocommerce plugin here:

Locating our plugin within your wp-admin

After you have installed the plugin, you can locate it within your wp-admin under Woocommerce > Settings  > Payments > Payment Plans > Manage.

Add your API key to the plugin

To enable on your woocommerce checkout page, you will need to add your API Key to the plugin. Once added to the plugin, be sure to select ' gateway enabled'.

You can find the API key within your account under Settings > General.

Find API Key at

Enable and select your offer:

Once you add your API Key and select ' gateway enabled', you will see the option to select your offer within the woo plugin.

Once your settings are saved, will appear as a payment option on your checkout page.

Screenshot-2023-04-24-at-11.13.47-AM Woocommerce Plugin
Woocommerce Checkout Page

Our plugin also includes the following options:

  • Enable test mode: check this to use our test server to test out the service before making live charges. Note that you will need to create a separate account at and get a different API key to use test mode
  • Title: once the gateway is enabled, this is the title displayed to customers at checkout
  • Description: an additional description shown to the customer at checkout when is selected
  • gateway order status: when a customer checks out with the payment method, orders will be set to this status after the payment plan is opened
  • Offer: Once you add the API Key to the plugin, a dropdown list of your offers will appear. Select the offer you wish to use.
  • Send product images to check this button to send product images to

Widget Options

The widget appears on your product pages and allows customers to see how would be applied to their purchase.

Widget Options
Widget on Product Page

Advanced Customizations

You can read more about WooCommerce Plugin Advanced Customization here:

Advanced Scripting Subscription

If you wish to apply limitations to the woocommerce plugin (ex. minimum purchase requirement, different offers for different products, etc), you will need to sign up for our advanced scripting subscription under Settings > Advanced Scripting. It is free for the first 30 days and then $10 a month. You can read more about this here:

*To use our advanced scripting feature, make sure you have installed our plugin version 2.2.0 or higher.

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