Payment batches are used with manual plans and allows you to process payments for multiple plans all at once.

Where can you process batch payments?

You can process a batch payment under Payments > Payment Batches.

Create a Batch

To create a batch, click the 'New Payment Batch' button.

Filter Plans

If needed, you can then filter your plans with the 'Filter' button.

Select Your Plans

You can select plans by checking the box to the left of each plan. If you wish to select all plans, select the top box.

Create Payments

Once your plans have been selected, click the 'create payments' button to start processing.

Select Amount to Process

Select the amount you wish to charge. It can be the balance, a fixed amount or percentage. Click 'Process' when ready to process the batch.

Batch Details

Once processed, you will be lead to the 'Payment batch details' page where you will see a break down of what payment were successful and which failed.

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