How can I contact

Phone: 813-549-7610


Chat: Visit our website or the merchant portal.

Can a customer cancel or change their payment plan after the plan is opened?

No, customers cannot cancel or change their plans after the payment plan has been opened.

What happens if a customer payment fails?

When a customer payment fails, automatically reschedules the payment 48 hours later. If three consecutive payments fail, the payment plan will go into default, scheduled payments will not process, and the payment plan will be canceled. When a plan goes into default, it may be re-opened by the customer, the merchant, or a employee.

What happens if a customer disputes a payment?

When a customer disputes a payment processed by on behalf of a merchant, evidence in support of the merchant's claim must be submitted. This includes any and all customer communication, receipts, and shipping information. Merchants will receive an email with directions for each dispute.