How can I contact


Chat: Please log into your merchant account to access a live agent during office hours.

Can a customer cancel or change their payment plan after the plan is opened?

No, customers cannot cancel or change their plans after the payment plan has been opened. Only the merchant can cancel or change the plan from their merchant account.

What happens if a customer payment fails?

When a customer payment fails, automatically reschedules the payment for 2 days later. If three consecutive payments fail, the payment plan will go into default and can only be reopen by the merchant or Support.

What happens if a customer disputes a payment?

Disputes are entirely controlled by the customer's bank.

When a dispute is filed, the merchant will receive an email notification requesting evidence be sent to Support by a specific due date, or immediately if the due date is soon. will need to submit your evidence to Stripe on your behalf for the customer's bank to review.

Evidence can include customer communication, receipts, and shipping information. Evidence must be in pdf, png or jpeg format and cannot exceed 5MB.

For more info on evidence, please reference the following Stripe article: