How can I contact
Please email us at Our support hours are 9am to 5pm EST, Monday through Friday. We may offer limited support in the evenings, and on weekends and holidays.

What are the requirements to use
All merchants must create a Stripe Express account upon sign up.

How and when am I paid?
Please view our Payments and Payouts article for more info.

Where can I sign up?
You can sign up at

How can I use can be integrated with certain websites or invoicing software.

You can also use on a website without an integration or as a standalone program

What is an Offer?
Please view our articles on Offers for more info.

Can a customer cancel or change their plan after it is open?
No, a customer cannot cancel or change their plan after it has been opened. Only the merchant can cancel or change the plan from their merchant account.

If you need to change or cancel a plan for a customer, please see the following guides:

What happens if a customer's payment fails?
When a customer's payment fails, automatically reschedules the payment for 2 days later and notified the customer by email. If three consecutive payments fail, the payment plan will go into default and can only be reopen by the merchant or Support. A guide on reopening a defaulted plan can be found here: How to Reopen a Defaulted Plan

What happens if a customer disputes a payment?
Please view our Dispute FAQs article.

Have more questions?
Please email us at